Sanborn Maps

Access nearly 1.3 million Sanborn Maps and track
changing landscape and property use since the late
19th century.

Sanborn Maps

The most complete Sanborn Map collection

Sanborn Maps are a detailed historical source critical to your Phase I research. But did you know that only EDR searches the complete holdings of the original Sanborn library—nearly 1.3 million maps? These maps allow you to track the changing landscape and property use for approximately 12,000 American cities and towns from the late 1800s on, right from your desktop. 

Since EDR first invested in the Sanborn collection in the 1990s, we have made a number of technological improvements to how our customers experience the maps. First, the paper maps were converted to digital images, which helped environmental professionals get the reports faster, and in a way that was easy to inject into their reports. More recently, the collection was rescanned at very high resolution then digitally “stitched” together, creating a seamless digital mosaic. This was a huge benefit to our customers; because orders are cropped from one single digital layer, the target property is always in the center of the image, eliminating the need to access adjoining map sheets, reducing cost and review time. Having all the imagery geo-referenced also allows for delivery of a consistent “north up” view, regardless of the cardinal orientation of the original drawing. EDR passes on the right to reproduce the imagery in your project documents for a specific project. Out latest enhancement, the Sanborn Viewer, allows environmental professionals to work with Sanborn imagery through an interactive web tool. 

EDR's Sanborn Search Engine is the only system that allows you to search Sanborn Maps by lat/long and provides instant site-specific search results.

Special features

✓ Order and receive maps online.
✓ Review instant map coverage results.
✓ Use our Same Day Sanborns! service to receive maps within one business day.


EDR enhancements

Added thousands of new maps from 1994 to 2007
Re-scanned every map for high-res images with unprecedented detail
Centered your property on the map, for easy reference to adjoining properties
Digitally joined the maps to reduce time and effort 
State-of-the-art Sanborn Viewer

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Every order gets a unique Sanborn certification number  to ensure you have conducted a search of the Sanborn Library.

Sanborn Maps obtained from EDR authorized resellers will receive the same certification benefits.

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