Radius Maps

EDR's Radius Map Report: the first step in ensuring compliance with ASTM E1527 and
the EPA’s All Appropriate Inquiry rule

Radius Maps

What Makes EDR’s Radius Map Report Different

A powerful radius search is a critical first step in a comprehensive and complete Phase I ESA. Here’s what makes ours the best in the industry:

  • An interactive map showcases environmental database hits and layers over current aerial and USGS Topo image with copyright permission to reproduce in Phase I reports.
  • The most comprehensive data covering 450 state, city and tribal sources not searched by the competition.
  • EDR’s Exclusive High Risk Historical Records ensure you never miss a historic gas station, dry cleaner or manufactured Gas Plant.
  • The Radius Map Summary Report puts all of the most important data at your fingertips.
  • GeoCheck® is available to help you determine your property's physical settings.
  • EDR SiteSearch™ is a proprietary tool that allows you to search for poorly or ungeoreferenced government records by keyword and/or address. This powerful tool allows you to bring your experience to bear in a dynamic GIS environment, ensuring your final report will be as accurate as possible.

The Most Current, Dependable Data

EDR's team of data analysts maintains relationships with government agencies to ensure timely updates are made and new sources of data are quickly added in accordance with ASTM E1527. In many cases, our databases are updated every 30-45 days! That’s what makes your EDR Radius Map Report the most comprehensive in the industry.

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Ordering and reviewing are simple! 

For easy ordering, the EDR WebGeocoder® is built around an interactive base map (including a current aerial photo and street-level photography) that allows you to define accurate target property boundaries. 

The EDR FieldCheck™ system allows you to customize the search results for your final report by adding, removing or adjusting site locations. A Preliminary Map Report with search results is available within seconds. 

A Preliminary Map Report with search results is available within seconds.

You also receive a PUR IQ® Report that lets you know the availability/coverage of historical reports for your site.