Vapor Encroachment Application (VEC App)

Help mitigate vapor intrusion risk by identifying a
property's potential sources of vapor intrusion or
vapor encroachment.

Vapor Intrusion Application (VEC App)

View integrated data in one interface

✓  Current government records with full details
✓  USGS contour lines and a geo-referenced current USGS topographic map
✓  Sanborn Maps (when ordered)
✓  USDA soils data
✓  A current aerial photo
✓  EDR’s exclusive AQUIFLOW® data
✓  EDR’s proprietary gas station/dry cleaner data

Efficiently screen vapor risk with built-in analytical tools

✓  Apply advanced GIS technology using Quick Screen
✓  Use the step-by-step wizard for a thorough and accurate evaluation
✓  Measure precisely with a "point-and-click" distance tool

Deliver a customized report

✓  Decide which records you want to include, exclude or place in the appendix
✓  Choose pre-formatted comments or enter your own
✓  Output your final report as many times as you like for 90 days (PDF/Word)

✓  Clearly demonstrate to your clients that you followed the E2600 standard

Learn more about Vapor Intrusion & Vapor Encroachment

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David Gillay, Blayne Hartman, Craig Brown & Brad Willy discuss vapor intrusion risk.

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