PARCEL for Consultants

For more than a decade, PARCEL has aimed at making the due diligence process more efficient and complete—producing more robust reports. Creating a due diligence report with PARCEL saves the report writer hours of time formatting and performing other administrative tasks, while also providing project managers with several layers of quality control, and business leaders with information they can act on.

Workflow That Works

PARCEL’s report authoring, review and delivery system allow for more efficient and accurate due diligence reports, from ESAs to PCAs and beyond.

  • Maintain Consistent Report Layout and Branding
  • Spend more time analyzing and less time writing
  • Access reports from anywhere
  • Finalize and deliver reports in a snap, no matter the file size

Oversight, Overhauled

Advanced management tools ensure quality reports are delivered in a timely manner, every time.

  • Track Report status 24/7
  • Summarize portfolios instantly
  • Simplify and secure the review & sign-off process

Your Business, Visualized

Custom landing pages and PARCEL Intel help company leadership understand their business like never before.

  • View all past and ongoing projects on a map 
  • Analyze the metrics that matter to you with PARCEL Intel
  • Mobilize your site visits with our field data collection App, EDR Mobile